Have You Heard Of Oil Jewelry?

Essential beauty natural diffuser bracelet

What is Essential Oil Jewelry?

 Essential oils are expensive. Why would you waste a single drop?

 Now, you can take the potent power of your favorite oils everywhere you go by wearing essential oil jewelry. Not only will cute, contemporary diffuser necklaces and bracelets bring your street style to a new level, they also let you enjoy the healing properties of essential oils wherever you go. 

The Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, or the process of using scents for their health benefits, has enormous potential for improving your mood and physical health. The most common way to get the benefits of essential oils is to inhale them so that the molecules enter your lungs and provide powerful physical and mental health benefits in the process.

It’s not always convenient to sniff a vial of oil every few minutes, but with essential oil jewelry you can take advantage of the healing properties of these plant-based oils all day long. Just a drop or two of essential oil is all it takes to keep your jewelry well-scented for a week or more, allowing you to stretch the lifespan of your oils and enjoy them for longer than before.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is an easy, unobtrusive way to add essential oils to your life, and you’ll smell great all day long in the process. For busy professionals and everyone else that can’t be bothered to carry a bag full of oil bottles, diffuser jewelry is a small, discrete way to diffuse oils in public spaces. For many people, the presence of the jewelry itself is also a reminder to slow down and stay present in their daily life.

What to Look for in Essential Oil Jewelry

Thanks to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles for diffuser jewelry, you can carry the scents of your favorite essential oils in a stylish, discrete way that is as functional as it is beautiful.

When you choose your essential oil jewelry, it’s important to decide if you want a necklace, bracelet or something else. Necklaces make it easier to enjoy the scent of your oil throughout the day, but some people find diffuser bracelets to be less intrusive for their daily lives.

While the ultimate choice in diffuser jewelry is up to you, it’s important to make sure you invest in quality. Look for stainless steel pieces and high quality chains to ensure your jewelry withstands years of use.

For top quality, essential oil jewelry, look to AiroVeg’s line of essential oil necklaces and bracelets. Each piece is designed to gently fill you with the scent of your favorite essential oil throughout the day, ensuring that you experience the optimal benefits that you can.  

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