Shipping Info

***Most Products Arrive in 7-10 BUSINESS Days***

AiroVeg Partners Globally To Provide The Best Deals On Essential Oil Diffusers

What Does This Mean? - To offer the lowest prices on essential oil diffusers we had to go outside the country to find our merchants. These merchants that we're registered to do business with can be located all over the world. To avoid the high cost of distribution, when you make a purchase through AiroVeg, your order is most likely shipped from overseas unless it is one of our trending hot items that we have on hand at the time of your purchase. 

By Offering The Cheapest Prices - By using this distribution method we can offer lower prices on most items than our competition. That being said, some of the orders can take as long as 5-8 weeks to arrive once the order has been processed. We typically only carry items that arrive within 12-20 business days. It normally takes 3-5 days for your order to process with our distributors so please be patient. So if we say that your item will ship in 7-10 days that is after the order has been processed. We can track to ensure that our customers receive orders, so if your interested in following your product feel free to reach out to us at 

When Ordering Multiple Items - When you order multiple items through us be aware that the items may be delivered at different times. Since we deal with various distributors globally, we may have to use a different merchant to complete your order. So don't panic your items are on their way!

My Item Arrived Damaged - If you receive your order and it is damaged, please notify us immediately so we can send you another one. All we ask is that you send a picture of the damaged product, or video of it not working if there is an issue. 

We Stand Behind Our Name - Please rest assured that your order will arrive and that you are in good hands. When selling unique items from overseas errors do occur, and we will solve any issues. If there are any problems with your order once it arrives please contact us immediately so we can make it right. We are here to give you the best experience possible when it comes to doing business with us. 

IMPORTANT - Please Note - AiroVeg is not responsible for error by the customer. So be sure when placing your order your shipping information and product selection is correct. We keep all records and will resort back to them when a claim is made. Again, our goal is to make you a happy customer, so please contact us, either way, to see if there is something we can do.